Concierge Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. George Cheriyan  offers quality personalized care! Each person is an individual with their own specific needs especially with routine osteopathic treatment. 

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine allows a physician to spend the time and energy with a patient for their individual success. Every patient benefits when their physician develops a strong doctor-patient relationship. It allows the doctor to anticipate any ailments that may come ahead, provide individualized care, and respond effectively to the individual's situation. A close relationship with your physician allows easy access and communication which will enhance an individual's ability to be in control of their health.  


The ability to contact your physician is important. Dr. Cheriyan will be available twenty-four hours a day. Regardless of your location, Dr. Cheriyan is a phone call away from providing a consultation. 


Dr. Cheriyan wants you to feel that access to osteopathic medicine is effortless. Membership for this part of this practice will include:

  • 24 / 7 direct access to Dr. Cheriyan

  • Convenient same day / next day appointments including after hours / weekends

  • Individualized osteopathic care

  • Ample time during visits

  • Prompt attention to all requests

  • House Calls

  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine / Treatment 

New York Osteopathic Medicine can only accept a few patients so that Dr. Cheriyan could provide the time and energy for his patients. This practice wants to maintain a high-quality level of care and osteopathic treatments. 

Please call today to join New York Osteopathic Medicine. We will schedule a no-cost, "get-acquainted" visit. 


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