Individualized care to restore the body.
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Dr. George Cheriyan is committed to bringing people relief and optimizing their body's framework.

Is Your Body Suffering?

Do you have back pain, hip pain, or knee pain?

Have you been diagnosed with a chronic condition or auto-immune disease?

Have you suffered from lifestyle changes or trauma?

Dr. George Cheriyan is a specialist in treating multiple joint pain and back pain. This includes treating pain resulting from injury, auto-immune / connective tissue diseases, and lifestyle choices. He will examine and treat your body based on osteopathic manipulative medicine. In addition, he has extensive training in traditional martial arts that aids his manipulations and diagnostics. The goal of this office is to give relief, increase range of motion, and improve the fluid movement within your body!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is spent for the office visit?

The time spent on each patient varies. Each treatment is individually tailored. Generally one hour is allotted. 

Are you in network with my insurance plan?

The office is out-of-network currently. The goal of the office is provide world-class care without compromise. 

How can Osteopathic Manipulation help me get relief?

It is a scientific and holistic derived approach to treating the body. It allows relief of pain and other effects that restores the body to a more ideal state.

Why make an appointment?

Many people cannot take certain medications and wish to avoid radical surgery for their pain and other ailments. Osteopathic treatments may provide the relief you're looking for without the undesired side effects.

Will the doctor see complicated cases?

The office takes into account the patients medical and surgical history. Please contact us for more information. 



1. Schedule a consultation           2. We meet and discuss your                  3. We create a plan                                                                          current state and goals            catered specifically to you.

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Is Your Body Suffering?